Tree School is a free school.

Tree School is a school without walls.

Tree School has no homework, only love work.

Tree School invites visitors of all sizes, no one’s too young or too old.

Tree School has no leaders, we are all students.

Tree School encourages radical action and radical inaction.

Tree hugging is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

Tree School keeps the same hours as trees: We’re always open.

Tree School is rooted in James Joyce Street in Dublin’s inner city.

Tree School explores all that is political and poetical about trees.

Tree School is creating a new ABC….written with a Dublin-specific Tree Alphabet.

Who doesn’t want to write a love letter with trees?

Tree School offers grafting workshops because the world needs more trees and we can plant them.

Tree School disputes the myths of scarcity. Nature is abundant if we could access land, plant a seed, grow a tree.

Tree School grafts ideas, unearthing the rhizomatic potentialities of trees.

Tree School wants every child to have access to a tree to climb and pick fruit from.

Tree School curriculum is germinating…




Tree School will meet almost daily at the Circe Pavilion in Liberty Park on Foley Street, July 9 – 22, 2017.

Look what’s branching out in Dublin: Tree School!


Tree School grows out of many things, including Community Garden movements, edible cities, hedge schools, futurefarmers Tree University, Free University International, Beuys’ 7000 Oaks, Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West, Fritz Haeg’s Salmon Creek Farm, 1000 Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari, The Chipko movement, critical pedagogies, outdoor school movements, deep ecology, Irish Seed Savers, We are the university…

Tree School has many branches, including Oonagh Young Gallery, 1 James Joyce Street; Circe Pavilion, Liberty Park, Foley Street; local community gardens including NEC Farmer’s Hill Community Garden, Mud Island, Hardwicke Community Garden and the city streets in between.

Tree School friends include UCD Geography Department especially Tine Ningal and Gerald Mills, Sweet Water Foundation Chicago, Irish Seed Savers, Kevin Kenny (tree grafting), Rialto Men’s Shed, Common Ground, CREATE, IMMA, Hyde Park Arts Centre, Jim Duignan, Hardwicke Community Garden, NEC Farmer’s Hill Community Garden, Dublin Community Growers, Patrick Bresnihan, Flanagans Field Fatima, The Hide Project…

Tree School thanks Amy Franceschini and futurefarmers for reminding us of Thoreau’s quote “Men have become the tools of their tools.”

Tree School remembers Joseph Beuys and his plans to site the Free University in Dublin with baby oak trees harvested from his tree. Will you help us plant them? Tree Schools’ “Every school a forest” aims for schools around Ireland to plant acorns this year for future forests.

Tree School celebrates James Joyce and his guests at the Tree Wedding Ceremony in the “Cyclops” episode of Ulysses through a new ABC, an alphabet made from trees. Want to write in gobbledygook?

Tree School is full of questions: If a tree falls asleep in its wood, how would you know? Trees have bark, so why no bite? Do ants have birthday parties? Do bees? Are xylem + phloem friends, or not?

Tree School wants to meet you.

Join us!

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