Seoidín O’Sullivan


As part of her contribution Seoidín O’Sullivan will produce a mobile garden that will act as a locus for gathering, thinking and workshopping on the Politics of Trees. The workshop themes will respond to ideas arising in Ulysses chapter ‘Cyclops’. This will cumulate in a budding workshop where participants will have the opportunity to graft and take home their own fruit trees.


Seoidín O'Sullivan Oak treedafd

O’Sullivan’s art projects focus on people joining together in action to protect or develop an aspect of their local commons. Her practice supports sustainable models within various ecological contexts and addresses issues of land use, lost knowledge and biodiversity. Recent projects include The Citizen Artist Project Award with Studio 468, Common Ground called Hard Graft: toward community orchards (2017-2018) and The Revolving School as part of IMMA’s A Fair Land (2016).



Seoidín O’Sullívan grew up in Kitwe, Zambia and later lived in Durban, South Africa where she completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in Kwa-Zulu Natal.(2000). She completed her Masters Degree in Fine Art Media at the National college of Art and Design, Dublin (2005- 2007). Her practice both collaborative and individual has received numerous awards and been exhibited widely.