Donal Cofer


In the spirit of ‘7,000 Oaks’ by Beuys and the ‘marriage of trees’ in the CYCLOPS episode of Ulysses this project intends to change the existing streetscape in Dublin’s north inner city through artistic practices that attempt to transgress traditional aesthetic boundaries.
Permanent changes on the Street are two-fold. Planting trees and plants on the street, selected by community groups from the ‘list’ of indigenous species referenced in Ulysses and secondly, a ticker tape LED display system to promote artistic activities and events in the area or work by new writers but the default will be to loop Ulysses. Junction of tree and street will be used to inform a signature design for the project.
Donal Colfer Pavilion

Treeline Project Pavilion Designed by Donal Colfer

A season of events will take place in the summer of 2017 in an experimental temporary pavilion designed by Donal Colfer Architects. The programme will be specifically devised by artists and partners in collaboration with the local residential and working community to establish strategic actions. The purpose of this structure is for social engagement and for community groups to use. Major rebuilding has taken place in the north inner city and while improving the area substantially it has eradicated the character from some streets. In an attempt to re-imagine the area, we want these artistic interventions to look to the past, illuminate the present while directly altering the street for the future. Encouraging all who live and work in the area out into the park and on the streets. It will reactivate a transient space into an active, attractive and colourful destination.



Donal Colfer is a graduate of the Dublin School of Architecture and currently is a Studio Lecturer at University College Dublin and lectures at Umeå School of Architecture in Sweden. He has been a guest critic to Schools of Architecture in Ireland and the UK. Before establishing the practice in 2008 Donal worked with architectural practices in both Ireland & the Netherlands. The office is committed to producing well crafted and conceptually clear architecture. We work closely with our clients, be they individuals or communities to give form to their behaviour while maximising the potential that the unique conditions of each project presents.

Donal Colfer Architects carries Public Indemnity Insurance and is registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.