For the Treeline Project Andreas and Tanad have constructed a multi use table, intended to function as a planter and gathering space. The table has three pull out seats a large waterproof basin for planting, a drawer for storage, and flat surfaces for working on. Conceived in response to some of the perceived needs of the Treeline Project this new addition to the architecture of the street will hopefully become a space for conversation and collaboration for the people who live and frequent the area. 



Andreas Kindler von Knobloch is a pragmatic utopian. His multidisciplinary practice is focused on ideas of collectivity and participation through the creation of structures and situations that question our material and social relations

Tanad Williams works with philosophically engaged objects, dialogues and texts. Rooted in academic research and linguistic investigation, the final object is constructed so as to represent both its material reality and its theoretical conception. He is a multidisciplinary artist working with performance, texts, objects both in his solo practice and his collaborative projects.